Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Conspiracy Theory

I think I don't believe in reality. I sometimes think reality is conspiracy. Someone is conspiring. My imagination takes me to such levels... strange. For example, today I thought Lewis was made to lose. F1 wanted to make the championship more interesting so they thought of dragging it on to the final race (however I think Lewis would eventually be made to win).

Last week I thought Indians winning the 20-20 was no performance. It was again, conspiracy. Conspiracy to win the hearts of Indians (the biggist market for cricket). To make 20-20 popular in India. (many would agree with me on this).

I think, a top person in our present government is an American mole - a US conspiracy, a ten year plan, which I think has succeeded. I feel that the US now knows in and out of India. Nuclear capabilities, military strategies, weaponaries and from now on, it'll covertly control India. Moles are strategically placed.

A decade ago as a kid, I thought Sen, Rai, Hayden becoming beauty queens was a conspiracy by western cosmetic giants. If they hadn't been beauty queens then... I dont' think l'oreal or garnier or even any fashion brands would be making millions here in India. The conspiracy was made to coincide with the "IT revolution". The west was prepared to put money in India and inturn prepared the Indians to pump money back into the west. It's all CONSPIRACY.

If its a conspiracy by god, I will take it. But it is seeming not. I won't take conspiracy by humans.

If someone can conspire, why can't I? I can. By dreaming. By working hard. Can change the world. Reminds me of Paulo Coelho. Our lives has purpose. You dream, you desire, you wish, you work hard. The whole of the universe will 'conspire' to turn it into reality.

Again, it's CONSPIRACY !!!


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