Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy new year

Hi Guys,

Here we stand at the threshold of another year. One that's about the end the first decade of this new millennium. As we say good bye to 2009 and welcome 2010, it's for me to retrospect and introspect. I thank God for the good that 2009 brought to me and blame myself for the bad, because God did not bring it to me. I created them myself !!

Well, what would be one thing that I would remember 2009 for? Hmmm... among many things not so great, certain things will be remembered forever. It was a year of gadgets, of sorts. First, I got myself a good Sennheiser ear bud, in anticipation of an iPod Touch, which my brother was to get for me from USA. That's another thing. My first iPod and a fantastic one. I'm loving it. After that came my first laptop. It was a crazy decision. I didn't have the money. The only reason I bought my laptop was because my almost decade old PC in Tumkur gave up and I knew I would not have access to the virtual world that weekend in Tumkur. So, early in the week, I decided to get a laptop. I gave my dealer one day to figure out what's best for me. He failed to convince me. I got Shwetha's credit card (she didn't know why I wanted that for) and swiped a full 38k with Dell on phone. Got the laptop a few days later. It didn't come intime for my weekend in Tumkur :-( Anyway, I got one. Felt it was a bit heavy, but had to justify my hasty decision :-) Frankly, though, I'm happy with it.

Then came the big one. My first car. It has an interesting story behind it too. It was going on in the back of my mind for quite sometime. But the real trigger was when I left my good old Splendor at Shwetha's home, too lazy to pick it up late at night after a weekend with my office mates at Wayanad. I thought I'd go "tomorrow". That tomorrow ultimately happened some 3 months later. I walked, took buses, got ride from colleagues, to and from the office for all those three months. That's when I started thinking of buying a car. I went ahead with th eplan even though I got my bike back eventually. I wanted a diesel one. I knew I was going to use it a lot, for my weekend dash to Tumkur. Swift was the people's choice. But I had seen enough of those cars to be any interested in buying the one millionth piece. No, I was determined to go for a car that was not common but still very good. I concluded on the Ford Ikon, again, apparently. We already had one. So that led everyone ask me the inevitable, the question that I hated so much -- Why Ikon again? Hell, it's my money, it's my car, even if you ask, I won't give you a ride. But I knew I had made the right decision. It returns me a min of 17kmpl. I'm more than satisfied. Got to have two quick weekends, one to TN with Rohith and Pavan and the other to Amboli and Goa with Sachin and Sachin. Enjoyed a lot.

Finally, to end the year, have bought an SLR, Canon EOS 500d. It's still to reach me, but I'm it's owner already, nonetheless.

Apart from these tech stuff I had an uneventful 2009. On the work front though, this was my most hectic by a long way.

Whatever came my way, I've welcomed it. Whatever comes my way hereon in 2010, I'll welcome it. Bye bye 2009 and welcome 2010. Wish you a very happy new year friends !!